Soma Communities – An idea for missions in Rio Rancho.

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Last weekend we had our first Redemption Church information gathering BBQ. It was great evening filled with food, smoke (from the grill freaking out), kids, and family. If you did not have a chance to make it this round don’t worry, we will have another one very soon. Pastor Los had the opportunity to share what it will look like to be part of Redemption’s core group. He shared why we are planting in Rio Rancho, What it means to be an Acts 29 Church Plant, and what your call will be should you decide to join us. A benefit of being an Acts 29 church is that we will have great resources at hand from other seasoned church planters. In a lot of ways we will look like the “Soma Communities (another Acts 29 church, providing great resources)” based out of Tacoma. Take a few minutes to watch this video, be encouraged and be on mission wherever you call home.

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