From BBQ to Core Group

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Last summer brought forth 5 BBQs, and with them a core group was formed. By the fall, Redemption Church had several families that were committed to being a part of this church plant. They committed to planting a church with Jesus at the center, living life together, and being a people passionate about making disciples. This was not a small decision. They were committing to leave comforts, and things offered by a “big church”, for the unknowns and sacrifices that would be required to be a part of a new gospel work.

Once we had committed families, Redemption Church began to meet as a core group. These core group meetings were filled with praying, dreaming, and vision casting for what would one day be Redemption Church in Rio Rancho. We shared dreams of being a church that God would use to transform Rio Rancho and Albuquerque by means of the gospel. We also prayed that we would see many baptisms along the way. There was a nervous excitement that comes from leaving something familiar to starting something new. These meetings helped form relationships, and gave guidance to what Redemption Church would look like in late winter, which is when we anticipated the launch of our Sunday services.

Besides the core group meetings, we also held some “preview services” in the Desert Springs Church youth room. These services gave the

core group a chance to worship corporately, as well as to get a taste of what was to come on Sunday mornings. They also helped those who were not a part of the core group to get a feel for what could be expected on a Sunday morning at Redemption Church.

The year ended with us securing a permanent location for the future home of Redemption Church in Rio Rancho. We began planning for a launch date of January, 2012 in that location. Little did we know that God was going to delay that launch and teach us many important lessons along the way….


We are amazed by what God has done in the past year at Redemption. This Sunday, we will celebrate the “Grand Opening” of our new, permanent location. We will have what we are calling a “Jesus Party”, including our first baptisms as a church. I will talk more about the vision of the church, and we will pray for the next few years at Redemption.

Click here for Facebook Event we’ve made for Sunday’s Grand Opening.

Plan to join us at 10am in Rio Rancho (4100 Southern Blvd. Suite 1A, 87124)!

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