From Mortuary to Grand Opening

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Following the core group meetings and preview services in the fall, the holiday season arrived and we found the location where Redemption Church would meet. The location was on the corner of 528 and Southern, which was the area of Rio Rancho that we wished to be in.  The City of Rio Rancho then informed us that this location would not work due to the restrooms and size of the place. We prayed, and worked with the landlord to secure a larger space in the same shopping center. The new space was larger, and had its own restrooms. It was set up as one big office, with many smaller offices breaking the space up. We knew that moving in there would require a pretty big renovation. This would include demolition, a change of occupancy, and time. We thought that an extra 5 weeks would ensure that the work would be done, so we changed our launch date from January 22nd to February 19th. As the permits were submitted, the City came back with new concerns and requirements. We soon realized this was going to be a longer process.

We had a decision to make once we realized that we would not be launching in our space on February 19th. We could either delay the launch once again, or we could find a temporary space to begin holding services. One of our core group families had connections with the people at French’s Mortuary. The Mortuary on the west side of Albuquerque had a beautiful chapel, and space that would work for us. We were confronted with the decision of whether or not we wanted to see Redemption born in a funeral home. Thinking that we would only be in this space for a few weeks, we decided to go ahead and begin meeting in the funeral home. What we thought would be a few weeks turned into 14 Sundays, including Easter Sunday. Through it all, God taught us some amazing lessons about how He grows the church, and how His faithfulness in circumstances may at times seem a bit odd.

In March, we got our permits and began demolition and renovation of our space. The whole month of April was consumed with construction and a lot more work than we were prepared for. After several weeks, a lot of work, and a few inspections, we received our Certificate of Occupancy in late May.

God used all of this to bring Redemption Church together in pretty amazing ways. He showed us the church is all about Jesus, and not a space. The church is a group of people, and not a just a location to meet in. He taught us that the mission isn’t to be paused until we are “ready”. Above all, God has shown us that Redemption Church exists for His Glory, and to make disciples and plant churches.

We are amazed by what God has done in the past year at Redemption. This Sunday, we will celebrate the “Grand Opening” of our new, permanent location. We will have what we are calling a “Jesus Party”, including our first baptisms as a church. I will talk more about the vision of the church, and we will pray for the next few years at Redemption.

Click here for Facebook Event we’ve made for Sunday’s Grand Opening.

Plan to join us at 10am in Rio Rancho (4100 Southern Blvd. Suite 1A, 87124)!

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