Hope #4 for Redemption Church- Be Serious About Evangelism and Praying for Conversions

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Hope #4

Our Mission at Redemption Church is to “make disciples and plant churches”. We covered the second part of that mission in a previous hope, but now it is time to discuss the first part.

Matt Chandler says this about Hope #4:

“My fourth hope for the Acts 29 network is that we would be serious about evangelism and praying for conversions. I don’t just mean preaching sermons that are evangelistic. I hope for much, much more than that. 
My hope is that:

• Our pastors would model personal evangelism by sharing the gospel as boldly in their neighborhood as they do in their pulpit.

• That we would long and yearn for salvations and would walk in a godly frustration when we don’t see them.

• That we would believe in the sufficiency of the scriptures and in the power of the Spirit to open the eyes of the most hardened of people in our cities.

• That we would train the men and women in our churches to see their neighbors, co-workers, and friends as an opportunity to love supremely by praying for and sharing the best news in the universe with them.

• That we would love the work of God in salvation so much that it would lead us to the ends of the earth heralding the Gospel until all that will know, know.”

Redemption Church exists in order to see the name of Jesus spread. Making disciples is the call of every Christian. Jesus’ first words to the disciples were: “I will make you fishers of men.” His last words to them were similar: “You will be my witnesses…” When someone says the same thing to begin and end a sentence, it is usually really important. Matt Chandler shared how we seek to not just be a network of churches, but rather a movement. This means churches that are passionate about the gospel are equally passionate about sharing this gospel with others. Redemption exists to see people meet Jesus. We don’t exist for our comforts, our needs, or our wants. We exist so that many will be saved. We were blessed to see 4 people baptized at our grand opening service. I pray that we would see thousands more baptisms in the lifetime of Redemption Church. In fact, I am praying to see 8 more baptisms take place before the end of 2012. I pray Redemption is known for telling others about Jesus, and for being a “city on a hill” in our area.

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