Joining Redemption Church’s core group is more about joining Redemptionʼs mission in Rio Rancho, ABQ and NM. Our prayer is that people would prayerfully count the cost of what it means to be part of Redemption. More than just a member or face in the crowd, the people who are part of this core will be fellow planters as we plant the gospel together and join with God in His mission! It is exciting, and at the same time will require work and commitment.


To that end, below are 5 key areas that will be expected of the core group, and we ask people who decide to join Redemptionʼs Core Team to commit to:


1. Being part of a community group
2. Going as a missionary to their network of friends
3. Inviting people to groups, events, parties, services, & anything else
4. Giving financially to support the mission
5. Serving in a way that helps support the mission


Ways you can be in prayer for Redemption Church:


1. That we would first and foremost have Jesus Christ as our identity, our hope, our joy,and our message.
2. That God would strengthen the marriages of those involved in the life of Redemption,that ministry would not take priority over marriage.
3. That God would provide at least 40 adults to join in the mission of Redemption who are committed, passionate, and on mission.
4. That God would provide a location that would be strategic in reaching as many people as possible.
5. Finally, pray for the people of Rio Rancho, ABQ and NM, that God would already start softening hearts and readying minds to hear and be transformed by Jesus. We are praying to see 4 people come to know and trust Jesus and be baptized before we even launch.


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